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Did you know experts in the pest management industry are predicting pests will be increasingly present this summer thanks to our unusually warm winter? In fact, these three critters are the biggest threat:

summer pests



As a North Carolina resident, unfortunately it is not just one or two types of ants you may encounter. In fact, Acrobat, Argentine, Carpenter, Little Black, Odorous House, Pavement, Red Imported Fire Ants and many more are all threats to homes across Eastern NC. Ants typically nest outside, but when they discover food or water is available, they’ll often find an opening and crawl inside. Their colonies can grow and expand to several tens of thousands of ants.



While hornets will rarely sting unless provoked, an infestation is still a cause for concern and should be addressed. Composed of a paper substance derived from saliva and wood pulp, hornet nests are the most obvious sign of a hornet problem. Nests are typically located in or on top of trees, attic rafters, or other wooden surfaces – such as decks, sheds, and other structures.



Although they don’t sting like hornets, they do bite and some may argue that mosquitoes are the peskiest pest of them all during the summer months. A mosquito infestation not only brings annoying bites that can ruin an otherwise perfect summer evening, their bites can also be dangerous. The first reported Zika case was reported in Eastern NC last month. This virus is spread to people primarily through the bite of an infected mosquito.


Summer is a time for relaxation and spending time enjoying the outdoors, not flocking inside to avoid bothersome – or worse, dangerous – insects and pests. Call our professionals to schedule treatment today!  With over four decades of experience our team can eliminate even the most troublesome infestations.

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