4 Reasons Why Your Home May Be At Risk of An Ant Infestation

Ant Infestation

As temperatures warm up, it is not uncommon to see ants crawling across kitchen counters and in cracks and crevices of eastern North Carolina homes. These infestations tend to happen in the warmer months, but ants have one clear mission that leads to an infestation. These ants you are seeing are typically worker ants and their main job is to find food and deliver it back to the nest. Here are a few common reasons why ants end up taking up residence in your kitchen.

1. Improper food storage
As we mentioned, ant’s main objective is to find food, which is similar to most pests. The way you store your food can invite ants to come foraging for it. Ensure you keep all food stored properly in sealed containers and Tupperware. Additionally, avoid leaving food out for extended periods of time. Sugary foods, pet foods, and crumbs seem like an open invitation for ants – so be sure to keep those foods to a minimum and always stored correctly.

2. Kitchen is not clean enough
If there is a crumb an ant will find it. Truly, it does not take much for ants to notice the smell of food. Regular cleaning and organizing of your kitchen will eliminate the opportunity for ants to become extended houseguests. Sweep and vacuum excess crumbs and ingredients that may have spilled. Clean your kitchen counters, floors, and appliances regularly. Pay particular attention to excess food that may be left in your sink and ensure it is properly disposed. Finally, don’t forget corners in the floor, cabinets, and cabinet overhangs as small crumbs can be left there.

3. Plants and vegetation too close to your home
Ants find their shelter in plants and vegetation., therefore the closer these items are to your home the higher the chance for them to enter your home. Essentially this creates a bridge between an ant’s home and your own. Try to keep plants at a significant distance away from your home. If you do want landscaping close to your home, be sure to trim those plants and keep them manicured and not in direct contact with your home.

4. Home is not sealed
Ants may be a huge problem, but they are generally small in nature – meaning they can easily enter your home. Even when closed they can slip through doors and windows if they are not sealed tightly. Always seal these openings properly and check for gaps and cracks on the floor at entryways.

These tips can certainly help but to ensure your home is ant free this spring and summer is with the help of a Rid-A-Pest professional. Our team proudly serves all of eastern North Carolina and Raleigh. Allow our certified technicians to keep your home safe and ant free. Call us today!

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