5 Common Signs Pets Will Show if they Have Fleas

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No one ever wants to find out that fleas may be potentially occupying their home, but because of their small size, these pesky creatures can be extremely hard to identify and remove. Unfortunately, pet owners are often the most vulnerable to a flea infestation. As much as we sometimes wish our furry friends could talk to us, they cannot tell us if fleas are bothering them. To ensure early detection and the safety of your animal, monitor your pet’s behavior and be aware of these signs:

  1. Excessive Scratching
    Fleas will get on your pet by jumping or crawling on them and once they have set up camp on your pet, they will usually flock to hard-to-reach (and see) spots. Places to look for them are the head, neck, tail, armpits, or groin. Increased scratching, licking or biting in these areas can often be a sign that fleas are bothering them.
  1. Reddened Skin
    Often times, dogs and cats are allergic to saliva that is transferred to them from a fleabite. The allergic reaction will result in reddened areas on the skin. Although the redness is not exclusive to the actual bite location, hypersensitivity to flea bites can create rashes, inflammation, and sores anywhere on their body.
  1. Loss of fur
    While hair loss in pets can be attributed to a number of things, it can be a physical response to a fleabite. Cats and dogs may also begin to remove their hair on their own as a result of constant biting, licking, or scratching of the infected area.
  1. Black or red droppings on the skin
    If fleas are present on your pet, another thing that will be noticeable is black or red droppings. These typically surround directly where the fleas are located. The tiny black or red dots may seem to look like dirt, but they are actually flea droppings that the flea releases onto the host animal’s skin after digesting the host’s blood.
  1. Visible insects on the fur
    This may seem obvious, but often times fleas are extremely hard to detect because of their small size. If you see insects on your pet but are still unsure if they are fleas, check out our Pest ID Library to verify.

While these are the most common signs of fleas being present in your home, these are not the only indicators. Other signs include finding fleas on your own skin or on carpets and rugs or other textile surfaces in your home. If you suspect that your home may be infested with fleas, act quickly and contact our flea control experts.


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