5 Things in Your Backyard That May Be Breeding Mosquitoes


Living in Eastern North Carolina during the summer should be a dream, but pesky mosquitoes can sometimes make it feel more like a nightmare. While summer is the perfect time for a vacation, mosquitoes can find their paradise for breeding grounds in your backyard. Here are five common areas mosquitoes like to reside:


  1. Open Containers

Mosquitoes thrive in warm, wet environments. They will flock to items like coolers, buckets, recycling bins, and trashcans. To prevent this, make sure you are not leaving any coolers or buckets out with remnants of moisture or liquid. Try drilling holes in the bottom of trashcans and recycling bins to eliminate excess water and moisture.


  1. Pools

Pools are the perfect place to cool off, relax, and gather around with friends and family. However, they are also a site where mosquitoes will congregate all summer long. To avoid this, empty plastic swimming pools when not in use and regularly clean and chlorinate swimming pools and hot tubs.


  1. Leaky hose

Leaky hoses create an ideal place for mosquitoes to gather and breed as they provide what mosquitoes need most: standing, fresh water. Double check to make sure your hose is turned all the way off and no water is trickling out and make sure your hose is hole-free to avoid these pests finding their new home in your backyard.


  1. Rain Gutters

A commonly forgotten area, rain gutters are a place where mosquitoes go to breed because they only require an inch of standing water to lay their eggs. Not only do rain gutters collect water, but they can also gather leaves, branches, and other debris – the perfect storm for a mosquito breeding ground.


  1. Overgrown Grass

Keeping your lawn and landscaping trimmed is key to keeping away mosquitoes. Overgrown grass, bushes, and even leaf piles can be the perfect resting place for mosquitoes.


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