Benefits of Proactively Treating Your Yard This Spring

Often times we wait until we can’t leave our house for fear of being bit by outdoor pests like mosquitos, fleas and ticks. Sometimes we have a full blown pest infestation as opposed to just a occasional insect. Suddenly, our problems have blown up and it’s really late in the game before we call the pest control experts. Don’t wait, with warmer months finally arriving, there will be a reemergence of pests and now is the time to contact us to begin a regular treatment plan. Be proactive rather than reactive and enjoy your summer pest-free.

Rid A Pest, Pest Control

At Rid-A-Pest, we firmly believe in taking a proactive stance. Did you know carpenter ants and wasps build up their nests during the spring to wreak havoc all summer? So often, home owners wait until summer to treat areas where they found nests, but by then, the damage has already been done. You can see the damage these carpenter ants caused to the structure of this home by the end of the season.


As foliage around the house begins to grow and families are spending time outside, it’s crucial you find those danger zones early in the season. From ticks to fleas and mosquitoes, a proactive and scheduled treatment plan will enable your family to enjoy the outdoors and also save your from potentially thousands of dollars in damage. Our experts are trained to find problems before they start, such as moisture in crawlspaces, mosquito-breeding areas, signs of termites and more. Call today to schedule your proactive spring treatment so you can rest easy knowing your home is protected from unwanted guests.

If you’d like to treat your yard before a problem arises, or even if you’re already seeing the occasional pest, it’s time to contact the pest control experts at Rid-A-Pest. Request a free estimate for your home in Eastern North Carolina including Wilson, Greenville and New Bern, as well as coastal locations including Beaufort, Morehead City, Atlantic Beach and surrounding counties! Contact us today to get started on a regular treatment plan that will allow you and your family to spend countless hours enjoying warm southern days outdoors with the ones you love.

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