Ways To Spot Termites Before An Infestation

Eastern North Carolina has seen no shortage of rain over the past few months! While the wet climate brings new plant growth and can be seen as a benefit in many ways, it is a detriment when it comes to pests. Couple the excessive moisture with the warmer temperatures we

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Keep Your Home and Family Safe From Termites and Moisture This Season

Spring marks the unofficial kick off of “termite season.” These pesky critters rise in population as the temperatures start to heat up for spring and summer in Eastern North Carolina. Termites not only are a nuisance to deal with, but their destructive tendencies can leave property damage and can even

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Spring Into Action Early With Pest Prevention

As eastern North Carolina is having a very mild winter season, we are seeing an increase in pests that are traditionally not “winter pests.” With heightened infestations of mosquitos, rodents, and even fleas and spiders at this time of year, this only means spring will show a plethora of the

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Resolve to Have a Rodent Free Year

The New Year is here and thanks to packages, 2019 can be a rodent free year for you. Often times in the winter months, rodents seek shelter from the elements by inviting themselves into your home. As one of the most unwelcome pests out there, Rid A Pest sees just

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Top Tips For A Bed Bug Free Holiday Season In Eastern NC

The holiday season often indicates an increase in travel for everyone, including pests. Bed bugs are by definition natural travelers. In fact, bed bugs attaching themselves to your suitcases, bags, and other belongings is the #1 way they spread and multiply. As you are having an increase in house guests

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Why You Need a Professional To Prevent Wasps In Your Eastern North Carolina Home

While typically wasps seem to be a bigger area of concern during the warmer months, you are not out of the woods just because the temperatures are lower. These pesky creatures can still cause problems all year round. In fact by late September and into fall, worker wasps are constantly

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Tips To Keep Fall Pests Out Of Your Home

While those of us in Eastern North Carolina love Fall for its cooler weather, activities, and of course football, another creature loves the season as well. National Rodent Awareness Week takes place each October and this year it will be observed October 21 -27. It is during the Autumn months

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Managing Moisture in Your Home

Rain has been ever-present here in Eastern North Carolina these past few weeks and months. Excess rain and water not only can put a damper on our plans and moods, but it can also have a negative effect on your home. Your home or crawl space can retain this moisture

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We’re The Only Pest Control Company in Eastern NC Offering a Bed Bug Warranty

Late summer and early fall is a prime opportunity to develop a bed bug problem. Between last minute summer trips, college students heading back to dorm rooms, and out of town guests squeezing in a trip to see you, there are plenty of chances for a bed bug infestation to

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Don’t Give Bed Bugs A Free Vacation

Summer is here, which for many of us means fun vacations. Kids are out of school and the warm weather makes everyone itching to head out of town on a trip. While it is important to give in to your travel bug, you want to travel with peace of mind

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  1. Susan Hickman | | Reply

    I wanted to share a good story about one of your technicians. We live in Merrimon, NC. We have had a common black and white household spider living outside the front door of our home for several months. We have watched her shed her skin several times, call a mate and now has two sacks of eggs on the palm plant beside our door. Although I’m nervous about the baby spiders getting in the house, watching this process has been remarkable.

    The Rid-A-Pest technician came when we were out of town earlier this week. Due to the rain, she had to come back to finish the application and spoke to my husband. She had noticed the spider but realized that it had been there for some time and decided not to destroy the web. She asked if we wanted it removed and my husband said no.

    We are grateful for her thoughtfulness. She could have easily cleared away the web and the spider without any consideration to the age of the web. Please thank her for me.

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