We’re Dreaming of A Pest-Free Christmas

pest free christmas

The halls are decked, cooler temperatures have arrived, and to-do lists are being tackled. Whether you’re ready or not, the holiday season is in full swing! While you eagerly (or not so eagerly) await your guests’ arrival, here is a look at how you can ensure unwanted rodents and pests don’t show up.

1. MyShield Packages
Pest control treatment is easier and more cost effective than ever with MyShield packages. These exclusive offers consist of scheduled, routine maintenance. This way you never have to worry or rush to ensure you are covered for service. The different options come in varying degrees of service to provide you with exactly what you need throughout the year.

2. Seal Cracks and Openings
The exterior of a house or building often has openings and crevices, particularly around or near windows or doors. These spaces are the perfect invitation for pests and other rodents to welcome themselves inside your home. Carefully inspect your property for any openings and seal them to keep pests out this season.

3. Store Food Correctly
Pests can often be found where the food is. They love to set up shop in pantries and other food storage areas. During this busy baking and cooking season, keep your kitchen pest free by checking all items for contamination and throwing away anything that has been infected. Regular sweeping, vacuuming and wiping down shelves in a pantry unit is also a good preventative measure.

4. Store Firewood Safely
No holiday celebration is complete without a good fire. Unfortunately termites and other pests love firewood as much as the rest of us. Stacks of firewood create the perfect warm environment for termites and other pesky creatures. To prevent them from entering your home, store firewood a significant distance away from your home.

While a white Christmas is highly unlikely in Eastern North Carolina, a Pest-Free Christmas is possible if you follow these tips. If you suspect an infestation, call our pest control experts today or click here to schedule and appointment.

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