We’re The Only Pest Control Company in Eastern NC Offering a Bed Bug Warranty

Late summer and early fall is a prime opportunity to develop a bed bug problem. Between last minute summer trips, college students heading back to dorm rooms, and out of town guests squeezing in a trip to see you, there are plenty of chances for a bed bug infestation to occur in your home. Bed bugs can travel in your luggage and clothes from place to place. Rid-A-Pest knows the dangers bed bugs can bring to humans, which is why we offer a full guarantee on our bed bug warranty.

What does this mean?
No other pest management company in eastern North Carolina offers a guarantee of this caliber. Rid-A-Pest is committed to our customers just as they are committed to us. Our guarantee gives a full, one year, warranty on our bed bug treatments. The warranty can also be applied to homes that have not been treated for bed bugs as a preventative measure.

Unlike the most selective travelers, bed bugs will call just about anywhere home. From the nicest and most luxurious hotels or resorts down to a dingy dorm room, these pesky creatures can infest and annoy any place you lay your head. Don’t fear going on vacation or worry about your college student heading home for a weekend visit because of these bothersome bugs.

Rid-A-Pest wants to help you ensure that the no vacancy light is on in your home for bed bugs and stays that way. Be protected before an infestation occurs or for years to come after with our Bed Bug Warranty Program.

If you think your home may have been exposed to a bed bug infestation or want to proactively protect against it, call the team of bed bug experts at Rid-A-Pest. Call 252-649-0177 for more detail or to book bed bug consultation.

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