How To Prepare For Mosquito Season in Eastern North Carolina

Prepare for mosquito season

While most people welcome spring and summer weather with open arms, eastern North Carolina residents know there is always a catch to the sunny days and warm temperatures. It’s not all barbeques, baseball, and boat days. Spring and summer weather can also bring heavy rain, which combined with hotter weather is a recipe for a spike in the mosquito population. Be prepared this mosquito season with the following tips.

1. Eliminate Standing Water

Standing water can build up quite quickly – one heavy rainstorm can result in inches of retained water in and around your home and yard. Make sure you are disposing and emptying containers and other items that could be holding standing water. You might find water building up in anything from birdbaths, open coolers, children’s pools and toys, to old tires, plastic containers, trashcans, and more.

2. Care For Your Yard and Landscaping

Anything that could be a potential holding space for water could be a risk factor to increasing mosquito presence around your house. This includes debris, leaf piles, overgrown grass, and more. Be sure to fill in and level off dips in your yard as that could allow for puddles to form in rainy weather. If your landscaping includes a water feature such as a pond or pool, be sure to churn the water in those spaces to ensure it is not stagnant.

3. Enlist Professional Help And Save With Rid-A-Pest

While these tips and practices can help, the only way to ensure maximum protection and prevention from an influx of mosquitos is with professional help. Mosquitos are notoriously difficult to control and a professional can drastically assist in the process, more than just do-it-yourself tactics. You can take advantage of our mosquito money saving offer here. You can even sign up for our premium MyShield package that takes care of mosquitos and keeps your summer backyard time worry free!

Don’t let the threat of mosquitos hinder your fun spring and summer plans. Give us a call today and receive our special offer: Buy 4 Mosquito Treatments, Get One free! Rid A Pest proudly serves all of eastern North Carolina and Raleigh and our certified technicians would be happy to help you handle and manage mosquitos around your house this year.

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