How to Stop an Ant Problem Before It Starts

In eastern North Carolina, the transition of seasons from summer to fall brings breezier days, cooler nights, and a little more rain, especially as tropical storms develop off the coast. Just as we take shelter from the weather in our homes, so do pesky house ants.

Ant problem

Whether they’ve come in to seek food or find dry land, you’ve probably already seen the house ant invading your home, and even if you’ve only spotted one or two, you can feel fairly confident that you’ve only scratched the surface of your ant problem. House ants leave a scent trail everywhere they go to communicate with their colony, drawing more ants into your home. Ant colonies can grow to several tens of thousands of ants before you ever find the source of the infestation on your own. Some of the most common ants found in eastern North Carolina include:

• Acrobat ants
• Argentine ants
• Carpenter ants
• Little black ants
• Odorous house ants
• Pavement ants
• Red imported fire ants

The first steps in getting rid of ants in your home is to identify the type of ants you are dealing with, and find the source of the infestation, so you know where and how to treat.

At Rid-A-Pest, we’ve been providing professional ant control and other extermination services to homeowners in eastern and coastal North Carolina for more than 40 years. As the pest professionals of Wilson, New Bern, Morehead City, Raleigh, and beyond, we know exactly where to look for ants, how to identify and seal their entry points, and how to apply safe ant treatments that effectively eliminate ant populations in and around your home. Our unique background in entomology and Integrated Pest Management effectively rids your home of ants once and for all.

At Rid-A-Pest, we practice pro-active pest management – stopping a pest problem before it starts. An ant problem in your home could cost you hundreds in spoiled and infested groceries. Even worse, carpenter ants can cause structural damage to your home that could cost thousands. Rather than waiting until you find the damage, practice pro-active pest control. Contact us today for a free estimate! If this is your first time utilizing our powerful pest management services, you’ll receive $30 off your first service!

We are your pest control experts in eastern North Carolina, catering to Wilson, Greenville, Jacksonville and New Bern, as well as coastal locations including Beaufort, Morehead City, Atlantic Beach, and surrounding counties! Contact us today and get your business on a pest control plan that will allow your customers to feel protected and secure knowing they can relax and enjoy their stay in a pest-free environment.

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