Moisture Control Solutions for Your Home

Moisture Control Solutions for your homeAs winter is nearing to an end and spring will soon be in the air in Eastern North Carolina, moisture levels will begin to rise as well. Moisture in your home and crawl space can create a number of problems and issues, which can not only cause damage, but can also be harmful. There are a few different ways to reduce moisture, mold and mildew in your home or office.

Close Your Crawl Spaces
Many Eastern NC homeowners are choosing to encapsulate their crawl spaces to reduce moisture and other contaminants. Our experienced staff can enclose a crawl space through tried-and-true methods of closing and blocking moisture vents, installing ground moisture barriers and installing dehumidifiers that are crawl-space grade. Benefits of closing a crawl space include fewer pests, lower humidity, less crawl space moisture, decreased odors, better air quality, lower energy bills, improved home market value, and much more.

Get a CrawlSpace Care System Installed
The CrawlSpace Care System is protection for your home from the bottom up. This solution uses a high quality, tear resistant 8 mil vapor liner to cover the ground, which is then sealed to a high quality, tear resistant 6 mil vapor liner on the walls. All seams are taped to protect moisture from passing around the liner. The CrawlSpace Care System protects against condensational moisture, high levels of humidity, ground moisture vapors, and moisture intrusion from outside of the foundation walls.

Reduce Additional Opportunities for Moisture Yourself
Use caulk to seal any cracks, holes, gaps, and openings on the exterior of your house is another way to prevent additional moisture, mold, and mildew entering your home. Keep firewood and debris a significant distance away from your house as that can be a moist breeding ground for pests and insects.

Sealing your crawl space and controlling moisture and mildew in your home has many benefits. From reducing susceptibility to insect damage, wood rot and mold issues to reducing energy bills, sealing your crawl space has many benefits. Additionally, reducing moisture and mildew in your home will lower humidity, which is always a good thing in Eastern North Carolina.

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