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Mosquito Treament

Did you know that as long as the temperature is at or above sixty degrees mosquitoes will be active? Many people think that mosquitoes wait until winter is over to start invading any and all of our outdoor plans, but these pests don’t waste any time. Mosquitoes are actually active as long as temperatures are sixty degrees or warmer. At this time of year, temperatures in eastern North Carolina are pretty much permanently set at or above 60 degrees and will remain that way through October. This means, NOW is the time to start thinking about mosquito treatment solutions.

In eastern North Carolina, there have been multiple cases of the Zika Virus reported in recent years. The Zika Virus originated in Africa and is a virus that is transmitted by mosquitoes that typically cause a mild infection of a fever and rash in humans. There is currently no vaccine or medications to prevent the disease. The best way to protect yourself is to reduce your risk of a mosquito bite. Tips for reducing bite risk include eliminating any breeding sites on your property, using space sprays, and managing any vegetation you may have.

Aside from the physically threatening and even deadly consequences mosquitoes can have, they also have a tendency to rain on everyone’s outdoor parades and plans. They make spending time enjoying the outdoors nearly miserable. Loading up on bug spray and lighting as many Citronella candles as you possibly can is simply not enough to keep them away.

Other mosquito prevention tips include:

  • Use insect repellent before leaving your house or spending time outdoors.
  • Wear light colors – mosquitoes tend to be more attracted to dark clothing.
  • Limit time spent outside during dusk or dawn – these times are more favorable for mosquitoes.
  • Remove standing water around your home or porches – standing water is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes!
  • Keep air flowing and circulated – wind makes it more difficult for mosquitoes to fly!

These tips can certainly help, but the only way to ensure your spring and summer will be fun and pest-free is with the help of a Rid-A-Pest professional. Give us a call today and receive our special offer: Buy 6 Mosquito Treatments, Get One free! Rid A Pest serves all of eastern North Carolina and Raleigh and our certified technicians stand ready to prove to you why we’re the most trusted name in pest control!

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