Mosquitoes and Ants Aren’t Just Annoying… They’re Dangerous!

Living in Eastern North Carolina can be the biggest blessing during the summer. Filled with times by the water and nighttime gatherings with friends and family, these are the most cherished moments of the new season. However, two things can put a huge damper on your best summer plans: annoying, biting pests like the fire ant and mosquitoes.

28632981_mThe peskiest creature that may be ruining your summer plans is the fire ant. They build dangerous mounds, crawl in the grass, and seem to be invincible to every store bought or DIY remedy. While fire ants don’t carry diseases like a mosquito, they can cause injury or death in certain situations. If one is bit enough, he or she can develop a severe allergy to ants or even die, particularly small children.  All it takes is your child sitting in the wrong patch of grass for your beautiful summer day to be turned upside down.

Next to fire ants, the second worst thing to happen to your summer night is the dreaded mosquito, despite having covered yourself and your family in bug spray! We all know the struggles; you’ve tried lighting candles, using electronic zappers, dousing yourself and your family in chemicals, but nothing seems to work quite right. And while these pests are simply annoying, they’re becoming more and more dangerous as well. With the recent Zika virus outbreak in Latin America and across the Caribbean, with reported cases right here in North Carolina, it’s important to keep your home safe.

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