What You Need To Know About Winter Pests

You would think that with the changing seasons, we would experience less problems with bugs and other pests. Unfortunately, here in North Carolina the problem doesn’t go away with the cooler weather. Here’s what you need to know about winter pests:


  • Rodents will often try to find their way into our homes as the seasons change and the weather begins to cool down. Rodents destroy homes, spread disease, and are an overall nuisance to homeowners. And with their rapid breeding habits, they can also be troubling to get rid of. Luckily, Rid A Pest technicians are able to eradicate your home of these pests in a humane way.


  • Because of the unusual weather patterns and the warmer seasons we’ve been experiencing, summer pests may also try to stick around through the fall and winter, so keep a look out for any atypical critters like termites and wood pests like roaches, beetles, and spiders!


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For more information on keeping your home free from unwanted pests this winter, contact Rid A Pest online or by phone at 800.737.8266. We can provide you with a complete evaluation of your home or business to help keep you pest free!


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