Pantries Are For Snacks, Not For Pests | Rid-A-Pest Solves Problems with Pantry Pests

It’s where we keep the food for our families. Our pets. Our pantries should be a reliable place to store healthy food for those we love most. Unfortunately, it can also be a place for pests to find refuge, and their own source of food. Commonly referred to as pantry pests, these nuisances feed on stored foods found in cupboards across the country making food inedible and putting families at risk.

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What are common Pantry Pests?

While there are hundreds of different species of pantry pests, common offenders are grain moths, rice weevils, grain beetles, grainary weevils and grain bores. Moths can vary in size and appearance from species to species, but they tend to have two pairs of wings and be a gray or brown color. Typically, moths feed on flour, seeds, and grain products. Weevils are dark brown insects with wings that have orange spots, preferring to attach to grains and seeds. Grain beetles are oval and reddish brown or black. However, they have varying behaviors, diets, and habitats making them especially difficult to handle. If one of these descriptions sounds like something you’ve seen in your pantry, call our pest control professionals today.

Where are Pantry Pests commonly found?

If you suspect pests might be calling your pantry home, start by thoroughly inspecting all of the dry foods in your pantry. Some common hiding spots for these critters are rice, flour, and cereal. However, it’s important to check every bag, box, or container that houses food. Check all food sources in your pantry as well as throughout your entire kitchen. Be sure to inspect pet food as well.

How can you get rid of Pantry Pests?

The first step in eliminating pantry pests is to check all items for contamination and throw away anything that is infested. While we often neglect or forget to clean our pantry, it’s important to regularly sweep or vacuum the floor while also wiping down shelves. Also be sure to seal any cracks in your pantry.

If you are battling a pantry pest infestation, our experts at Rid-A-Pest can help. Call our pest control experts in Eastern North Carolina today or visit us at www.ridapest.com to schedule an appointment.

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