Pest Management is Not a “Do-It-Yourself” Operation

Visiting your local home-improvement store, choosing an insecticide that seems to be right, and applying it all over your home or lawn may sound like the easier and cheaper way but there’s much more to pest control than spraying an unknown product onto a surface and hoping for the best. Controlling pests, especially stubborn ones like termites, can be timely and must be strategic.

Pest Management

There are more steps than you can imagine to preventing or eliminating termite or other insect infestations. Here are a few necessary strategies that we like to remind people of:

The Product Barrier
A product barrier is needed around a home. Trenches need to be dug around a home and soaked with the treatment solution. Sometimes these trenches need to be six inches deep and four inches wide depending on the house and where the infestation originated. It takes a professional to determine the amount of digging that needs to be done most times. On top of that, you can’t just treat a trench. The treatment must be applied correctly to ward off all foreign creatures.

Product Volume
The amount of product needed to really rid your home or business of pests is extremely substantial. Typically, an average 1,200 square foot home would require over 112 gallons of diluted termite control product – and that’s just to control the outside. Altogether the home would most likely require over 150 gallons. Doing this on your own would be a hazard because 1) transporting it would be extremely difficult 2) buying it would be expensive at a home store with an average retail mark-up of over 50%.

Product Types and Safety
Our products are different than home-improvement store brands. Those brands are consumer versions and typically much more expensive for the same product. For example, we use a 1% termiticide for most areas infested with termites. While that chemical is available at home-improvement stores, it’s more than double our price. Also, we would be transporting it and applying it safely for you and your family. We know the effects various products can have on your family and pets if exposure is not managed correctly. Even a little early exposure can cause health problems and if you’re the one applying it, your own health could be at risk. We are pest control professionals; we do this every day safely and securely.

Detecting an Active Colony
A lot of do-it-yourself pest control options will give you tips on how to deal with active termites or other pest infestations, which is great if that is your problem. Without professional tools and equipment, it’s hard to tell what kind of infestation you have, the magnitude of it, and how active it is. Instead of wasting time and money on a problem that may not exist, give us a call for a FREE ESTIMATE.

Nine-Month Guarantee
In addition to tips on how to use your home-improvement store product, the labels on those products can also mention a “nine-month guarantee” against your pests. What you may not know about this guarantee is that they often expire well before the three-month period, right as the pests can reach their highest point of reproduction. However, our Rid-A-Pest experts are diligent in making sure our satisfaction guarantee is upheld and enforced.

At Rid-A-Pest, we are committed to making your home pest-free with safe and efficient treatment applications. Unfortunately, some pests are difficult to eliminate and a DIY approach can result in a larger problem, unnecessary health risks and more undue costs in the end.

We are your pest control experts in Eastern North Carolina, catering to Wilson, Greenville, Jacksonville and New Bern, as well as coastal locations including Beaufort, Morehead City, Atlantic Beach, and surrounding counties! Contact us today and get your business on a pest control plan that will allow your customers to feel protected and secure knowing they can relax and enjoy their stay in a pest-free environment.


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