Resolve to Have a Rodent Free Year

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The New Year is here and thanks to packages, 2019 can be a rodent free year for you. Often times in the winter months, rodents seek shelter from the elements by inviting themselves into your home. As one of the most unwelcome pests out there, Rid A Pest sees just how much of a problem rodents can be on a daily basis. The following are just a few reasons why rodents pose a threat to home and property owners across Eastern and Coastal North Carolina.

Rodents spread disease.
Rats and mice are notorious for harboring dangerous or even deadly diseases. These can put your family, loved ones, and even pets at risk. Even if they are not carrying the disease themselves, they can easily introduce other disease-carrying creatures such as fleas and ticks into your home.

Rodents breed rapidly.
As rapid breeders, what may seem like a small infestation can escalate into a much bigger issue in the blink of an eye. It is important to realize when you have a rodent infestation and act immediately to address and resolve the problem.

Rodents destroy homes.
Rodents have oversized front teeth making it easy to chew through wood, wiring, and other materials inside of your home. This causes damage to your home’s structure and can affect other valuable items.

Rodents, while small in size, are a huge hazard to homeowners in Eastern NC. Rid A Pest offers three tiers of our MyShield™ Packages, all of which include some form of rodent control to assure that your home is not at risk to a rodent infestation. The MyShield package includes treatment of mice and rats. Management of mice and rats (baiting) is covered in the MyShield Plus Package. Participation in the MyShield Premium package includes pest management of mice and rats, as well as one wildlife trapping per year, among other services.

Our rodent control process only utilizes humane rodent control methods to safely and effectively removes these pests from your living spaces. Once we’re finished removing the rodents, we seal any pest entry points in and around your home to keep rodents from returning back in the future. Our team specializes in removing and preventing infestations of house mice, Norway Rats and Roof Rats. Each type has unique tell-tale signs of infestation and must be controlled in a specific way. Knowing which is infesting the home is important to providing effective treatment.

Resolve to make 2019 a worry-free year by knowing rodents aren’t setting themselves up as unwanted roommates in your home with our MyShield™ packages. MyShield™ packages make pest control easier and more cost effective than ever. Contact us today to learn more about our exclusive MyShield™ packages today!

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