Spring Into Action Early With Pest Prevention

Pest prevention

As eastern North Carolina is having a very mild winter season, we are seeing an increase in pests that are traditionally not “winter pests.” With heightened infestations of mosquitos, rodents, and even fleas and spiders at this time of year, this only means spring will show a plethora of the same pest occurrences but potentially at a heightened rate. Fortunately, knowing this early can help you prepare and prevent annoyances in advance.

Seal Any Openings

Pests feel the warm air that is heating your home slipping through openings around doors, window frames, and other openings. This heat attracts these pests and they will attempt to get inside. While rodents are particularly notorious for slipping in through these small cracks and crevices, any pest can sneak in unbeknownst to you. Examine windows and doorframes carefully to ensure there is no opportunity for air to be released. If you see condensation on your windowsills or doors, that is often an indication that air is escaping.

Eliminate Standing Water

Pests, especially mosquitos, are drawn to water. If you have standing water in a bird bath, pond, or other outdoor accessory, pests will almost always find it. Puddles of water can also form in leaf piles, which create a haven for pests since they are dark and wet. Clean up debris, fallen leaves, overgrown bushes, and weeds to eliminate opportunity for breeding grounds for various pests including spiders and mosquitos.

MyShield Packages

While you can pest-proof your home and yard as much as possible on your own, your best bet for preventing an infestation is to enlist the help of professionals. MyShield packages make pest control easy, simple, and cost effective. By getting on a scheduled maintenance plan, worrying about setting up treatment or appointments is eliminated. MyShield packages use EPA registered baits and liquated products that have been proven to be effective, providing the safest application and most control over dangerous and annoying pests for your home and family.

Protect yourself, your family, and your home from these pesky pests with a MyShield package from Rid-A-Pest. The packages are available in a variety of tiers to provide reliable coverage for only what you need on a scheduled basis, allowing you to be pest-free and worry-free.

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