Tips To Keep Fall Pests Out Of Your Home

Raking leaves

While those of us in Eastern North Carolina love Fall for its cooler weather, activities, and of course football, another creature loves the season as well. National Rodent Awareness Week takes place each October and this year it will be observed October 21 -27. It is during the Autumn months when the temperatures drop that rodents tend to be the most active and pose the highest risk to your home or property. Fortunately, there are precautions you can take to allow you to enjoy the fall months in peace without these pesky animals trying to join in the fun.

Seal Doors and Windows
Most heat that escapes from your home does so through openings around doors and window frames. Rodents outdoors can feel the warm air coming from inside and attempt to make their way in by following it. These openings may be miniscule in size, but mice and rats are notorious for their abilities to squeeze their way in through small gaps. Double check windows, doorframes, and any other openings in your home and ensure there is no damage or outlet for air to be released. A telltale sign is condensation on windowsills or doors. If you do find that there is air getting out, seal the spaces.

Install Screens Over Vents
There are even more ways air can escape from your home. Nearly any water-using appliance has a ventilation system to allow it to function and limit excess humidity. These vents essentially pump hot air out of your home – basically serving as an invitation for rodents to come on in. If your vents are not appropriately covered, rats can crawl into your home through them.

Examine the Exterior
After checking your vents and cracks, take a look at the overall exterior of your home – especially the foundation. If you notice cracks where you can see light coming from the indoors or you can feel air coming out, these are access points that are wide enough for rodents to use to enter your home. Ensure you seal all of these areas or have a professional take a look to secure them.

Clear Excess Clutter
Finally, this is a great opportunity to de-clutter. Excess debris such as fallen leaves, overgrown bushes, or weeds can pile up around your lawn, patio, or garden. Additionally, rodents love somewhere warm and dark to hide such as basements, sheds, and garages. The cleaner these spaces are, the less resources rodents will find in them and the less likely they will be to utilize these spaces as their temporary home before finding a way into the main property.

Rodents truly are one of the most unwelcome pests out there. At Rid-A-Pest, we are committed to eliminating this nuisance of a problem for home and property owners across Eastern North Carolina. By utilizing the safest and most effective rodent control methods, we can remove these pests from your living spaces once and for all. We specialize in not only removing current infestations, but also preventing future infestations of the following: house mice, Norway Rats and Roof Rats. Call Rid-A-Pest today for a FREE Rodent Inspection at (252) 649-0177 or fill out our contact form.

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