Top Tips For A Bed Bug Free Holiday Season In Eastern NC

Top Tips For A Bed Bug Free Holiday Season In Eastern NC

The holiday season often indicates an increase in travel for everyone, including pests. Bed bugs are by definition natural travelers. In fact, bed bugs attaching themselves to your suitcases, bags, and other belongings is the #1 way they spread and multiply. As you are having an increase in house guests this holiday season, both quick visitors and extended stays, consider these tips to ensure you do not have any unwanted pests joining you for your festivities.

Prevention Tips for Hosting Holiday Parties
Are you hosting a holiday gift exchange, dinner, or other party? You have likely perfected your guest list and bed bugs most likely did not make the cut. Prevent pests from crashing your party with this tip. Avoid placing guests coats and bags on beds. It may seem like a quick place to store items, but the belongings could have bed bugs attached to them and be easily transferred to your bed. If you use a bed for storage, place a sheet over the bed. Following guests’ departure, place sheet in the dryer on medium to high heat and vacuum the bed.

Prevention Tips for Hosting Overnight Guests
Bed Bugs are typically not transported by a person’s body but instead it is normally their belongings that are the method of transfer. Take measures to reduce chance of a bed bug infestation in your home by:

  • Asking visitor to change into clean clothes
  • Put their clothing in your laundry
  • Use plastic bins or bags to protect their suitcase. You can tie the bag shut or add a lid on the bin.
  • Take a warm damp cloth with hot water and wipe down shoes. If possible, place in dyer.
  • Use bed bug mattress covers on beds being used by guests.
  • If you have a guest sleeping on the couch, place a sheet on the couch. Once they leave, launder the sheet and vacuum the couch.

Protect Yourself While Travelling
While you want to take all necessary precautions to protect your own home, also consider those who are hosting you. Reduce the risk of subjecting yourself to an infestation with these steps.

  • Bring mattress encasements with you for any beds you may be sleeping on.
  • Bring large plastic bags with you and place your suitcase inside the bags.
  • Immediately wash your clothing upon your return home.

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