Ways To Spot Termites Before An Infestation


Eastern North Carolina has seen no shortage of rain over the past few months! While the wet climate brings new plant growth and can be seen as a benefit in many ways, it is a detriment when it comes to pests. Couple the excessive moisture with the warmer temperatures we are seeing in early spring and this is the perfect recipe for a termite infestation.

3 Things That Cause Termites to Swarm

Termites swarm due to the presence of three main things: food (wood/structures), moisture, and spring weather. Termites find food in the form of wood and structure – think wooden hand railings, decks, porches, even mulch. Moisture is also another thing that lures termites in. With heavy rain occurring and humidity being produced while temperatures rise, there is plenty of moisture for termites to feel right at home here in Eastern North Carolina. Finally, warmer temperatures always indicate an increase within the termite population.

Identifying Factors of an Infestation

There are a few key factors that can serve as red flags as to whether you have the presence of termites in your home or property. The first and biggest red flag is swarmers. These are young female and male winged termites. Swarmers tend to emerge from their nest to mate and search for a new location to create a colony after the last bout of cold or freezing weather. Typically, your home can be where the swarmers are planning to build their colonies. You will know if swarmers are in your home by noticing discarded wings near windowsills and doors. This is the first, and often only, sign of a termite problem.

Termites not only can cause thousands of dollars in property damage to a home and they are often not covered within home insurance policies. These sneaky pests often set up shop in your home and can be extremely difficult to remove in time to save your space. Rid A Pest experts have decades of experience eradicating homes and businesses of termite infestations. Whether you have noticed something out of the ordinary or it is time for a routine check, contact us today!