Why You Need a Professional To Prevent Wasps In Your Eastern North Carolina Home

Prevent wasps

While typically wasps seem to be a bigger area of concern during the warmer months, you are not out of the woods just because the temperatures are lower. These pesky creatures can still cause problems all year round. In fact by late September and into fall, worker wasps are constantly scavenging for food, increasing their presence and in turn being a threat to you and your home. Knowing that these stinging creatures are prevalent and on the move, we thought this would be a perfect time to talk all things wasps.

What Attracts Wasps

When it comes to your home, similar to other pests, wasps are attracted to two main things: food and shelter. Sugar is what fuels wasps so they feed primarily on food that is high in sugar including nectar and ripe fruits. They also tend to be drawn to flowers that may be located on your property. Wasps also seek shelter. They are known to build nests within areas such as attics and crawl spaces, corners of sheds or other outdoor structures, tree limbs, eaves, porch ceilings, window crevices, underneath porches and decks, and even inside grills or hose reels.

Ways to Help Prevent a Possible Infestation

While there isn’t a guaranteed way to ensure a colony of wasps doesn’t set up a nest in your home, shed, or porch, there are a few preventative measures you can take. These tips can help make your property a little less enticing to wasps.

  • Avoid bringing sugary foods and drinks outside. If you must have them outside, keep them covered.
  • When planning your garden and landscaping, plant flowers further away from your home or structures.
  • Check the screens on doors and windows to ensure they are free of holes and tears as wasps can sneak in through them.
  • Seal and close all potential entry points. These can be openings in soffits, attic vents, even underneath shingles.

All of these suggestions will make your home, business, or property less of a target for colonies of wasps to set up shop.

What to Do When an Infestation Occurs

Sometimes, no matter what action you take, determined wasps can still find a way into your eastern North Carolina home. If an infestation does occur, it must be handled by a professional (even if you are not allergic to stinging insects). These creatures are very protective of their kind and will likely sting if they sense you are a threat. If you suspect a wasp infestation or have spotted a wasp nest in or around your home, call the wasp experts at Rid-A-Pest. We are experienced and trained to inspect and safely remove the wasps and set you up for a wasp-free season.

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